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Themed Murder Mystery All Day Tour

First ever not just a Murder Mystery luncheon show but the whole day is themed around the murder mystery you choose for your group. Solve the interactive whodunit mystery as the crime unfolds right before your eyes. Mystery with a dose of humor, music & fun with the most highly regarded dinner theatre company around.

Italian Or New Orleans, Dial “M’ for Mother OR Dial Up For Mardi Gras

You’re invited to the Fates Motel for Mother Fates’ 100th birthday celebration.

I Love Lucy, 50’S THEME

Somebody has some ‘splainin to do when America’s favorite red head turns up dead

Montana Marie Gets Gunned Down at Three. WESTERN THEME

C’mon down to the Horny Toad Saloon in the frontier town of Camel Rock

Il Morte de Figaro OR I Know Why the Fat Lady Sings, GHOSTLY THEME

Things aren’t going too well at the “Notta-so-Hotta Opera House"

Sleigh Bells Over Broadway, CHRISTMAS

What do you do when an agent signs you to an ironclad contract?  In this case, when the agents name is Ebeneezer Screw and it’s almost Christmas,


It’s Christmas Eve at the North Pole and things are at a halt because one arrogant red-nosed reindeer has refused to fly.

All lunches are buffet style and match the mystery theme.


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